HCS Recruitment Sheffield
Working in Partnership
With all our employees and Clients

Benefits to Clients

Hcs Recruitment

De-risks your business

We closely manage our workers and are actively involved in disciplinary proceedings, dismissal etc.

Pre-empts legislative changes

Your employers liability will decrease

Candidate retention increases and it makes mobile workers feel more secure in their employment.

Helps attract a higher caliber of worker and improves continuity of quality labour

Candidate attraction increases

Personality Profiling – this can be tailored to your individual needs so you can benchmark your current staff and set your own minimum standards. This is especially useful in customer service and/or sales roles where personality and communication skills are key.

Our Agency Back-Up Service

We have established relationships with other agencies in the local area and can provide a back-up service as we understand that in today’s job market “No-Shows” is unfortunately a common occurrence and the impact on your company is huge. We currently have an on call service were a member of our company is on standby for emergency out of office service seven days a week.

Advertising v HCS uk

Many of our clients have a misconception that using an agency is a very costly exercise. However if you were to break down the costs it can be a lot cheaper than your normal advertising method and as an added benefit the response time is generally a lot quicker and more importantly it saves you and your colleagues time enabling you to concentrate on other important issues.

Advertising is very expensive, with no guarantee of success. Newspaper advertising in particular has dramatically increased in price, yet its effectiveness has declined.

It could take you weeks or possibly months to find the right candidate which could cost your company thousands in advertising, man hours and staff coverage. Our fees are based upon results and basic salaries only, we even offer a refundable period of a guarantee of our service, which I am sure you will agree makes perfect sense.

Temp to Permanent

Staff can be employed on a temporary basis and transfered to yourselves as permanent employees at a later time.