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About Us

Hcs uk was formed on the back of over 35 years of passion and experience within the catering and facilities industry.

I formed this company to provide a quality service to all of our clients. I once was a client to agencies like yourself tired off the same old reasons that other agencies give "not trained staff ", "Cannot speak English", "No communication about bookings", "Sorry staff let me down at short notice", "Wrong uniforms and scruffy", no client visit to get a better understanding of your business and how you run it, so I decided to set-up hcs uk to make a difference to change how catering agencies are seen.

Unlike some large agencies we try to offer a more of a personal touch tailored more to your business needs as all clients are different. With a fresh approach to supplying the Events, catering and facilities industry with a Quality backup service of ready trained staff either on a temporary or permanent basis at your disposal. We may not be the biggest agency but don't let that put you off this allows us to offer more competitive rates as we don't carry the overheads.

Our office doors don't close at 5pm like some companies we are a 24/7 operation as are most of our clients. We are a service industry and most off our business comes from out of office hours from cleaning to events so we work with you and man our lines when you need them, offering peace of mind and support when you need it.

Hcs has a growing network of clients, based in Yorkshire,Derbyshire Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and the rest of the UK, including hotels, restaurants, stadiums, contract caterers, outdoor caterers,Stately Homes and National trust sites, facilities management companies, care homes and industrial cleaners and caterers.

Our primary goal is Simple. It is to recruit or supply to the best of our ability Trained staff or candidates for your positions, whether temporary or permanent.

We will use all of our combined knowledge and assets of the Hospitality, Catering and facilities industry to provide a service second to none.

There shall be no compromise on quality, language or standard.

Garry Booker